#9 – Is your current evaluation system just a paper project to keep HR happy?

Many managers look at evaluations as an HR requirement, and a dreaded chore.

If this is you and/or your company, you and your company need a complete change of mindset!

An effective evaluation is an opportunity for supervisors and subordinates to sit down and go over past performance based on “measurable” goals, and lay out measurable goals for performance improvement.

To make sure you have the Right People working in the Right Way you must Measure, Measure, Measure!

Consider evaluations as a way to get really clear about what you need from your people. And look for ways to measure how well they’re doing. The more specific your expectations are, the easier it is to fulfill them. Everyone will be happier with the results!

#10 – Are you lacking a culture of accountability?

This lack of accountability generally happens when a company is growing very fast or when a company has become stuck in its ways or is stagnant. These conditions can lead to dire financial situations unless someone (management) steps forward and makes people accountable for their specific job responsibilities.

With employee evaluations based on measureable, objective criteria, you can bring accountability under control. The first item to address on the evaluation: Is the company’s primary expectation of the employee clearly defined in writing? Have both parties agreed to this expectation both verbally and in writing? The second item to address is identifying short term goals — that when accomplished show that the employee is on his or her way to meeting the primary expectation.

When the two above mentioned items are in place and have been assigned measurable criteria, this lets the employee know at any give time how he or she is performing. Consequently a culture of accountability is created!