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#2 – You Realize Your Organization Is Not Getting Maximum Performance From Your Millennials, GenXers, and Baby Boomers

When evaluating the three generations of workers, you’ll likely notice a couple of common themes. One: the old multiple-page form with many check-the-box measurements does not work anymore. This form, which most of the time was filled out to satisfy HR requirements rather than to get maximum performance from employees, needs to be replaced. You […]

#5 – Do some of your employees have weaknesses they aren’t fixing on their own?

Employee evaluations, when done correctly, are the best time to make sure your employees know — based on objective criteria — what level of minimal performance is acceptable and what is considered outstanding.  It’s during these discussions with employees that weaknesses can be identified and firm plans can be put in place for improvement. Plans for […]

#8 – Is your company turnover too high?

Employees usually don’t leave companies: they leave managers. Success magazine reports that the No. 1 reason people quit their jobs is because they feel unappreciated. If you and your employees are not communicating well, one of you (if not both of you) will become very frustrated. When arguments, disagreements or even lack of understanding of job requirements […]

#10 – Are you lacking a culture of accountability?

This lack of accountability generally happens when a company is growing very fast or when a company has become stuck in its ways or is stagnant. These conditions can lead to dire financial situations unless someone (management) steps forward and makes people accountable for their specific job responsibilities. With employee evaluations based on measureable, objective […]